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We maintain a staff of hand-selected, experienced editors, many of whom are successful, published writers. When you send us a trial submission (50 pages), all of us look it over and make one of two decisions: (a) Accept the submission for editing, or (b) return it due to its failure to exhibit a bookworthy standard for a first draft. Our concept of a bookworthy standard consists of a set of judgments we use to decide if a manuscript is ready for an in-depth editing process, which would elevate it to a presentable state for self-publication, literary agents, or traditional publishers. As we have cited on our Services Page, our decision to reject any work is subjective, and is intended to not waste our time nor your money on a submission that simply needs more effort and study of craft to bring it to the status of a typical first draft.

Our editing pros know how to help you with the fiction topics listed below, and much more:

  • Beginnings of your book
  • The all-important "Hook"
  • Manuscript format
  • Dialogue
  • Character Development, especially that of your protagonist/MC (main character)
  • Word count acceptability for your genre
  • Plot structure
  • Subplots
  • Secondary Characters
  • Credible antagonists
  • Backstory
  • Internal monologue
  • Copyright issues

In non-fiction, we can help with all of the above, plus:

  • Tables of Contents
  • Insertion of pictures
  • Page layout



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