First impressions are of paramount importance in just about every aspect of life, but they are particularly critical when it comes to manuscripts hoping to one day be best-selling books. Today's literary agents and book publishers are inundated with submissions and queries from authors trying to break into the Big Time. Even readers of self-published books demand to be grabbed from line one and entertained to the very end of any novel, memoir, or non-fiction work. The competition is fierce, mind-boggling, and the numbers are growing each year, but there is some good news.

The vast majority of the manuscripts out there being bandied about are lousy and are unprepared for the professional world of publication. The ones that break through are manuscripts that have been carefully polished and edited. Amazingly, it's the one major step that many talented, would-be authors omit. When you finish a 75,000 word novel, go over it numerous times, then sit back satisfied that your book is tweaked to perfection, you make the blunder of so many who fail to get published or even looked at beyond their query letters. The Problem? Your eyes are no longer capable of seeing your mistakes. You've gone over your manuscript until you're clinically numb to the glaring gaffs that hide on almost every page.

The Answer? Let some fresh eyes look at your work, trained eyes, who can easily see what you're blind to from the dulling repetition of rewriting, re-tweaking, and switching "and" for "but." Every successful writer we know says the same thing: No work is complete without professional editing. And every individual empowered to promote your book demands that what you send them has been professionally edited.

So, you see, you've come to the right place to be a professional author.



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