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Book Editing - (Fiction Only, Currently)

You've written your first draft of the next DaVinci Code and you've read it through four times. Now you think it's ready for prime time, ready to be put out there for the masses to come screaming for your novel with fists full with money. But a week after it's up for sale on Amazon, a friend calls you to tell you that he's found several spelling errors and two open-ended quotes. And he's only in chapter 5. The next day, your  boss's wife emails you with news of a plot problem where your protagonist claims to have graduated from Stanford in Palos Verdes, California! Uh-oh. Maybe you should've waited until a professional editor examined your work before you debuted it to the world.

Did you avoid a pro free-lance editor because of the cost? I mean, after all, it's only your future writing career that's at stake, so why spend the bucks? Um ... so far you've likely spent nothing to put your book up on Amazon's Kindle eBooks. Hmmm, maybe it's time to perfect your 80,000 page sci-fi, number one best seller by running it past people who edit books for a living. Bear in mind that our charge for editing is a nominal $3 per page. Many editing services charge much more, and let's face a known fact: every agency and book publisher you might approach regarding representing your book expects you to have had your work professionally edited. And they can spot, in a Star Wars second, when that step has been left out.

You've written 200 manuscript pages, say. Figuring on $3 per page of double-spaced, 12-point, type, that will cost you $600*. But now your book is truly ready for those NY agents and the uber book publishers. All that remains is for someone up there to like your story, because you've got the rest covered. The confidence that you've done your due diligence, and that your book is not going to be a grammatical and typographical embarrassment, will give you peace of mind beyond measure. 

Remember that old golf saying: Drive for show, putt for dough? Here's the writer's version: Write for show, edit for dough. The big difference? Heck, anybody should be able to putt.

* See our Pricing Page for page requirements and details.

We ask that you send us only your book's first continuous 50 pages. This evaluation is free, no money required, but if your work is accepted, those 50 pages will be billed at $3.00 per page just like all the other pages sent to us for editing. We just want to take a look to see if the work warrants editing by being generally in workable shape. Taking your money for reviewing a work that is woefully in need of much more than editing would be stealing, in our opinion. We vet incoming writing, and only go forward with work that is truly ready for an editor. 

Our refusal to accept a written work, based on those first 50 pages, means that the submission needs much more polish before we can put in our editorial efforts to bring it to a professional-looking piece. Sometimes we see writing that's in very poor shape, and, frankly, has no chance to succeed in its submitted condition. Our suggestion to this new writer would be: Study more about the craft and re-submit.

The vetting process costs nothing. We do it at our expense so no one's time and money gets wasted. 

Book Cover Design - Let us design an eye-grabbing book cover for your work. Would you buy an appliance, a car, or a house without looking it over well? We bet not. That first impression is even more important when it comes to how readers decide on buying a book. 

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Query Letter Composition - We can help you with this all-important step that provides your first impression with literary agents and publishers. If this introduction fails, your manuscript will never be read. You must present yourself in this query as a professional writer. We can show you exactly how to do that.



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